Do you remember the time when someone sent you the link to the Youtube video showing one of the Google offices for the first time and you thought that it would be a dream to one day work in a place like that? Most of you probably thought that something like this is only happening behind the Atlantic Ocean but the video was nice to watch anyway ? It might surprise you to know that if you started working in the iGaming industry, you have a good chance of finding yourself in a place like that pretty soon… However, Ping Pong tables and PlayStation in the office are not the only benefits of working in this playful industry.

Your culture is your brand

The competition within the iGaming industry is so high that companies do the best they can to make sure they stand out and have a unique, fun working environment for their employees. Especially, in places like Malta where people come from all over the world quite often without their families or friends, it’s crucial for employers to make their employees feel at home. Most of the companies help their newbies with the relocation, provide apartments for their first week in the new place and once they settle in, make sure the newbies have loads of fun both during and outside of the working hours. The benefits like breakfasts, lunches or Friday beers events in the office that seem quite outstanding elsewhere, became a part of the normal iGaming lifestyle. Most of the people who first start working in the industry can’t really believe that things like that happen on a daily basis, but well yes you can get used to the good things very quickly. ?

“Hire great people and give them the freedom to be awesome.” – Andrew Mason, Founder, Groupon

When you get a job in iGaming you will probably be surrounded by the most awesome people you have ever met. Sounds like a cliché? Well, imagine that you end up on a small island surrounded by people who share the dream of living and developing their career on a tiny island far away from home. It’s quite obvious that these people are pretty unique. They must definitely be open-minded and have the courage to discover life in a different way. Finding yourself in this kind of environment might be challenging at the beginning taking into consideration all the different cultures you need to deal and work with on a daily basis. You will definitely find yourself in multiple “weird situations” 😉 because of the cultural differences, but you learn so much about other people and about yourself along the way, that you will definitely consider it as an experience of your lifetime.

Quick career progression

Let’s be serious here – iGaming is very competitive. Sometimes it even seems like there are more jobs than people. Therefore, if you really want to make a career in this industry and you work hard to achieve this goal you will be surprised how fast you will progress. If you’re eager to learn and develop your career in one of the fastest growing industries ever, put your mind into it and you can really achieve a lot. The sky is the limit, huh? ?

Summer is a state of mind

Malta, Gibraltar, Barcelona, Cyprus are the places to be if you decide to start your career in iGaming. One thing they all have in common? Definitely the sun. Working in iGaming, especially in junior positions you will most likely need to work on a shift basis. Sometimes it seems quite tough to stay in the office until midnight and then a couple of days later start again in the morning, but the weather really makes a difference. You find yourself being more relaxed and positive just because the sun is always shining. The Mediterranean lifestyle is great and in my opinion, it also influences your approach to your daily tasks in a positive way. Living on the island you will also travel more, see new places and develop as a person. Seems like a win-win ?

“It is never too late to be who you might have been” – George Eliot


IGaming encourages and supports diversity and I think it’s definitely our favourite part of this industry. People working in iGaming tend to be more open because they are just so used to being surrounded by people from different cultures who think in a different way, but for most of the, m it’s a good thing. I think you can definitely be yourself in this industry which will help you grow as a professional and as a person ?


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