As you might have noticed, the Magic Mondayz Team is recruiting for a number of different positions in Malta. This small Mediterranean island is a popular location amongst thousands of expats who’ve made Malta their second home, and we don’t blame them! Read on to find out what makes Malta such an attractive location to live in.


Malta, a charming island in the Mediterranean Sea, just 80 km south of Italy, enjoys more than 300 (?!) sunny days in a year, making it the sunniest country in Europe. Summer almost all year round, the turquoise sea, architecture full of history, the relaxed Mediterranean mindset… Oh yes, please! Need we say more? No, but there is so much more to Malta than just the amazing climate and carefree lifestyle.

In the last couple of years, this small island has become a hub for multinational companies, that today employ thousands of people from all over the world, mostly from the Nordics & Central Europe. Here in Malta, there are a big bunch of expats who make a career & build their life here.



You might wonder why this tiny island in the middle of the Mediterranean would have this type of concentration of companies that employ international talent? A big part of it is due to the growth in the iGaming industry, in fact, there are over 300 registered gaming companies operating under the Malta Gaming License, and they need native language speakers for the markets they operate in, they need you! Due to the fact that Malta belongs to the EU, moving to the sunny island and finding a job is super easy. Most companies also offer relocation packages for the newbies which makes it even easier.


Because of the soaring number of gaming companies based in Malta, the demand in the businesses to hire specific language speakers is huge, and when they find you, they will want to keep you. This is reflected in salaries and quick career progression. Most of the companies also like to treat their employees with benefits like gym allowance, breakfasts & lunches, health insurance, Friday Beers and other fun stuff, so be prepared to get a little bit ‘spoiled’. 😉


So what type of positions are out there and what is required? There are a variety of roles available in the iGaming companies. If you are a young graduate you can just start in Customer Support, learn the industry hands-on and work your way up to the top Should you have previous experience and required skills you could look into roles in Marketing, Tech, Design or Finance? Everyone will be able to find something interesting and definitely progress their career much quicker than in other industries.


In Malta, you will meet so many people from all over the world that you will never feel like an outsider. It can really be described as a small community of like-minded people from different countries who have all been attracted to the same things and have decided to make this tiny island home far away from home. Should you get homesick anyway, there are quite good flight connections to all parts of Europe so you will be able to change the scenery within a few hours.

Sounds promising? Would you like to find out more about Malta and the career opportunities there? Get in touch with our team and let’s have a chat.

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