First of all Happy New Year from the Magic Mondayz Team and welcome to 2018!

We have been a bit quiet on the blog recently and came up with the idea to do something a bit different this time and write a New Year post that’s not really related to recruitment or the destinations that we are recruiting for. We hope you will enjoy 🙂

Our brand is all about spreading positive energy, happy Mondays and smart career choices. Many of you have probably been thinking about making some New Year’s Resolutions but they’re like impossible to keep, right? 🙂 How about instead we give you some tips and tricks on how to make positive changes in your life?

We believe that a positive attitude on a daily basis really helps in getting what you want in life, including your dream job, but sometimes it’s easier said than done. So how can you start shifting the vibe around you to the positive and make sure 2018 will be your year, filled with happiness and success.

1.   Don’t make resolutions, make a plan

Unlike all of the other yearly holidays, New Year’s Day truly gives you a push to make some changes but it’s easier to start the change if you come up with a long term plan. Start the New Years with writing down your thoughts and dreams and suggestions on how you would like to get there. Go big, don’t be shy of setting up big goals for your life.

“People Who Are Crazy Enough To Think They Can Change The World, Are The Ones Who Do.”- Rob Siltanen

2.  Celebrate the little steps

Create some milestones that will mark the steps on the way to the big goal and celebrate them. Don’t expect from yourself to run a marathon after 2 training sessions 😛 Sometimes the goals seem so far away that we are giving up on them before we really started, having small milestones set along the way will keep you motivated and give you a push to work harder.

3.   Kill them with kindness

There are of course some negative things and people around you. We all have these moments when we ask ourselves how to stay positive having all the stress at work and complaining colleagues around. Well it’s quite simple… kill them with kindness 😛 Be nice, spread the positive energy in the office, smile! You will notice that your environment will start changing. Don’t concentrate on other people’s attitude and mood. Concentrate on yours. It really works!

4.    Get rid of the toughest tasks first 

Remember the feeling when you wake up in the morning and keep thinking about this one thing that you really need to take care of but you sooo don’t want to? Do it first! Crossing out the toughest or most boring tasks from your to-do list first will make you feel more positive about the rest of the day.

5.   Change the habits

It’s probably a cliché to say that you should “take the stairs instead of the elevator” but its definitely good to do things outside of the comfort zone. Doing things like taking a cold shower in the morning, that will shock your system and break a small habit, are the first steps to changing your mindset. Our advice! Every day do one thing that scares you and you will see positive changes sooner than expected.


6.   Find time every day to do something for you 

Invest some time every day for things that make you happy. You hate the gym but you know its good for you? Well go to the gym but reward yourself with something nice and relaxing after you’re done. Having things, you are looking forward to in your daily routine will make you go through the day with a smile on your face.

7.     Connect with like-minded people

Nothing is more inspiring than being surrounded by like-minded people who share your passion, support your decision and are happy about your success. Make friends who are smart and happy to share their knowledge and passion with you, and you’ll learn faster and set bigger goals for yourself. If they managed to achieve it, why wouldn’t you?

8.    Find your way

Find your purpose and after setting up your goals, think if whatever it is you are doing right now is bringing you closer to it. If not, don’t waste your time and find a job that will allow you to grow and be happy. Don’t think too much, trust your gut and always make sure you love what you do.

9.    Let happiness be the key to success <3