Tallinn Quick Facts

  • Capital and largest city of Estonia
  • Population 430,000
  • Fastest growing Digital Hub in Europe

The “E” in Estonia might as well stand for electronic. Smallest of the three Baltic states, this country, centered on its capital, Tallinn, is a global leader in digital innovation that unites people. It’s the first nation to declare Internet access a basic human right, first to accept digital signatures for most transactions, first to institute online voting, and, this year, one of the first nations with crazy-fast 5G network capability. Estonia’s dizzying shift from Soviet state to high-tech hub catapulted Tallinn onto the world stage. People from all over the world are relocating to Tallinn because of the many perks it provides.

We recently had a chat with Fatih who relocated to Tallinn with his family 3 months ago, and asked him a few questions about his and his family’s experiences

What is your age and where are you from?
– I’m 40 and I originally come from Istanbul, Turkey but have been living in Belgrade, Serbia for the last 3 years.

What is your job title?
– I’m a Senior Front-End Developer

What’s your family life like?
-I have a wife and an 11 year old daughter.

What are the main reasons why you decided to relocate?
– I was working for a Turkish company in Belgrade and the company decided to move my team back to Turkey. Me and my family didn’t want to move back so I started looking for new opportunities. I changed my LinkedIn profile to ”Open for offers” and started to get some leads from recruiters and companies looking for developers. The most important thing for us was to move to a country that provided good education for our daughter.

How come you looked for jobs in Tallinn?
– After changing my status on LinkedIn, Emma from Magic Mondayz contacted me about a job opening here.
Emma was super helpful with all my questions! I hardly knew anything about Estonia and Tallinn before. She told me everything from how much things costs, what the living standards are and much much more. Getting all this information made the choice to move to Tallinn much easier. I also had another offer from Latvia but because of the excellent education system in Estonia, we decided to focus on Tallinn.

What was the recruitment process like?
– I first had a Skype interview with Emma and then with the hiring company. They gave me some home assignments so that I could show them my abilities remotely, and after that I got an offer. I’ve now been 3 months in Tallinn and I started working straight away when I arrived here.

How was the actual move?
– I got a good Relocation Package from my new company with flights and initial accommodation for me and my family. They company also helped me with all necessary permits & visas, and to find a new home through a website, so we managed to sign our new flat even before we arrived in Tallinn.

What was the most challenging thing/s with the move?
– When you relocate to a new country it’s not easy in the beginning by any means, but the benefits are definitely worth it. You have to change everything that you and your family are used to, you’re far away from friends and relatives and you have to settle in to a new culture. Job-wise, I also had to learn a whole new programming language to work with, but my new team has been very helpful in teaching me.

What’s it like living in Tallinn?
– We really like it! It’s calm with beautiful buildings and nature. There’s hardly any traffic or noise and me and my family feel very safe here. If you have children it’s an excellent place to bring up your kids. We haven’t been here very long so we haven’t got to know many Estonians yet, but they seem to be a very kind and respectful people. Also in Tallinn everyone speaks English, which is good. There are quite a few turks that works with IT in Tallinn and you can really tell that the city is an IT hub.

How was the move for your family?
– My daughter was very nervous about starting a new school in a new country, but after a week she felt right at home and have made new friends. She goes to an international school with a multicultural environment where she studies English, Estonian and German. The private school is not too expensive, it is the same price as we paid in Serbia. My wife really likes it here too, she is thinking of opening an art gallery for arabic calligraphy 🙂

Would you recommend Tallinn to someone else in your position?
– Yes, I would. The government helps companies here to provide great job opportunities, the salaries are good and the living standards high.

Do you have any tip for anyone that is also thinking of relocating with their family?
– Make sure to register for your children school in time. In order to register for public schools you need a residence permit, and that takes at least 2 months to get – so get the residence permit as soon as possible so you can plan ahead for your children’s schooling.
Also dress warm, it is cold here!

Name the 3 best things about living in Tallinn?
– IT hub
– Great opportunities
– Good for Family life

We wish Fatih and his family all the best for their future in Estonia and a Merry Christmas!

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