Magic Mondayz to Launch New Service: Introducing Talent360°

by | Jul 11, 2023

Talent360 is an innovative service that takes a comprehensive approach to talent acquisition.

In the world of recruitment, finding the perfect match between talent and opportunity can often feel like a blind date. But what if we told you, there’s a way to elevate your hiring game, ensuring a higher chance of long-term success? We are thrilled to announce our new service that revolutionizes how companies attract and retain talent. 

What is Talent360° all about?

With our extensive expertise in talent acquisition, employee retention, human resources practices, culture building, global mobility, and international relocation, we were able to introduce a completely new product to the Estonian market.

We created Talent360° because we recognized the need for a different kind of Recruitment service. We wanted to go beyond simply bringing talented individuals on board and also focus on keeping them engaged and retained.

Talent360° is an innovative service that takes a comprehensive approach to talent acquisition. It strengthens connections, prioritizes employee retention, and utilizes cutting-edge tools for accurate candidate assessment.

With our holistic service, Talent360°, get ready to transform your hiring process and unlock unprecedented success.

Who is it for?

Whether you’re a start-up seeking a comprehensive strategy for talent acquisition and employee retention, or a larger organization lacking certain services but reluctant to engage with multiple service providers, our customized Talent360° packages are designed to cater to your specific requirements.

Talent360° gives you the confidence of a strategic partner who understands the “big picture” – giving you insight, with full transparency, into what happens before and after the right talent has been found. With this new service, Magic Mondayz gives you the possibility to sync up and create a symbiosis between the service provider, organization and future talent.

What services will be added to our traditional Recruitment Package?

Overview of the specific services included in Talent360.
Job description drafting and salary benchmarking

Our team can assist you with job description drafting and salary benchmarking, providing valuable support in crafting engaging job descriptions that accurately define roles and responsibilities. Additionally, we offer expertise in conducting salary benchmarking to ensure your compensation packages are competitive within the industry and aligned with market trends.

Employer Branding Services

We leverage our connections to enhance your brand visibility, reputation, and appeal to potential candidates. With our expertise, we can strategically position your company, attract top talent, and establish a strong employer brand presence in the market.

Interview coaching training for Junior Hiring Managers

Through this service, we equip your Hiring Managers with essential skills and techniques to conduct effective interviews. We focus on enhancing their ability to assess candidates, ask insightful questions, and make informed hiring decisions. With our expert guidance, Junior Hiring Managers can gain confidence, improve their interview process, and select the most suitable candidates for their teams, contributing to successful talent acquisition and retention.

Access to Tailored, Highly Efficient Tech Assessments, Personality Testing, and Cultural Fit Platform

By choosing Talent360, you will not only benefit from our comprehensive talent acquisition service but also gain access to a range of valuable features. This includes tailored, highly efficient tech assessments to assess candidates’ technical skills accurately. Additionally, you will have access to personality testing, enabling you to evaluate candidates’ behavioral traits and suitability for the role. Furthermore, our cultural fit platform helps you assess how well candidates align with your organization’s values and work culture. These tools and platforms enhance the accuracy and efficiency of your hiring process, ensuring you select the best-fit candidates for your team.

In-depth Retention Focused Interviews & 10-Point Candidate Scoring System

Additionally, we offer in-depth retention-focused interviews and a 10-point candidate scoring system. We conduct thorough interviews that delve into factors contributing to long-term employee retention. Additionally, our scoring system allows for a comprehensive evaluation of candidates based on key criteria. By utilizing these features, we ensure a holistic approach to talent acquisition, enabling you to make informed hiring decisions and prioritize candidates who are more likely to stay and thrive within your organization.

Relocation support & Visa and immigration assistance

We offer guidance and practical support to help individuals navigate the complexities of relocating to Estonia. Additionally, our team assists with visa applications and immigration requirements, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition.

Candidate Aftercare: Cultural Integration Programs and Networking Opportunities for Candidates Relocating to Estonia

This service includes candidate aftercare, focusing on the cultural integration of candidates relocating to Estonia. We provide cultural integration programs and networking opportunities to support candidates in adapting to their new environment. Through our programs, we aim to facilitate a smooth transition, help candidates build a strong professional network, and foster a sense of belonging within the Estonian community. By offering ongoing support and resources, we ensure that candidates feel supported throughout their relocation journey and have the tools to thrive in their new work and social environments.

Why should you consider Talent360°?

360-Degree Talent Perspective

Talent360°provides a holistic view of talent, considering not only skills and qualifications but also values, culture add, and potential for growth. It goes beyond surface-level assessments to capture the full spectrum of a candidate’s abilities and potential. We understand the significance of candidates’ social-cultural backgrounds and their alignment with an organization’s DNA. This knowledge is a game-changer, enhancing the probability of success and fostering a fluid team environment that thrives on thought-provoking collaboration.

Amplified Connections

Talent360° leverages the extensive networks and expertise of Magic Mondayz to create amplified connections between employers and candidates. It ensures that organizations have access to a wide pool of verified talent that aligns perfectly with their requirements.

Data-Driven Insights

Talent360°utilizes advanced data analytics and assessment tools to generate actionable insights about candidates, helping organizations make informed and strategic hiring decisions. This data-driven approach enhances the precision and effectiveness of talent selection.

Enhanced Employee Retention Strategies

Talent360° is not just focused on talent acquisition; it places a strong emphasis on fostering employee retention. We understand that attracting top talent is only the beginning; creating an environment where employees thrive and stay engaged is vital for long-term success. With  Talent360°, we provide comprehensive support in implementing effective employee retention strategies. Through tailored programs and initiatives, we help organizations build a positive work culture, nurture talent development, and ensure employee satisfaction. By prioritizing employee retention,  Talent360° helps organizations retain their valuable assets, reducing turnover rates, and fostering a stable and motivated workforce.

Who are the experts behind Talent360°

Magic Mondayz is a boutique headhunting company with extensive experience building teams for digital businesses with a big focus on Fintech, iGaming and Software Development industries. We are based in Tallinn but collaborate with clients nationwide.

Magic Mondayz Founders Joanna Ufniak and Emmi Pitkänen at iGB Live, Amsterdam

Over the years, Magic Mondayz has successfully helped scale our partners’ Marketing & Commercial, Product, Tech, and Data teams. Our core focus is on recruitment delivery, but our team also helps our partners (ranging from start-ups to large international organizations) with recruitment strategy and offers a variety of HR services.

With Talent360° you gain access to a game-changing service that revolutionizes the way you attract, assess, and retain talent, propelling your organization towards unparalleled success!

If you are interested to learn more feel free to book a meeting with Joanna:

Written By Cam@MagicMondayz

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