The best of 2019 and what’s to come

by | Dec 31, 2019

2019 is coming to an end…and WOW, it sure has been an exciting year! Our biggest aim for 2019 was to grow our team and automate the processes to make sure we can work as efficient as possible, despite the distance… This project has definitely been a success and Magic Mondayz team is now spread across multiple locations around Europe.

Would you like to find out what else have we been up to this past year? Check out the highlights of 2019 below :)


We started off the year with a big change in the management functions. Emmi took over the Operations and the management of our international team across Malta and Tallinn. Joanna on the other hand, packed her suitcase and became a frequent flyer as her role from now on was Client Management and Business Development.


Is the time of the year when everyone is heading to London for ICE and so did we. It was an intense trip but we came back with a few new interesting connections that grew into successful collaborations. Additional bonus – we burned quite a few calories running around ExCel ;)


Office move? Again? Well, the move for the Malta office was planned for June/July but an opportunity came up to move to a bigger place just around the corner from our old office in Sliema and we decided to take it. 2 weeks later we were enjoying the new space.

At the same time our Tallinn office started to become really cozy and ready for our amazing Tech recruiter Emma N who started in Tallinn in May.


Changes to be continued…

It has been a long process leading up to this decision but finally in Spring the team has officially been divided into 3 departments; Multilingual, Commercial and Tech. This way we made sure that our clients are being taken care of in the most efficient way, and also all our recruiters now have the chance to truly specialise in their own niche and become an expert in it.


In May we finally launched the much awaited new website, that got a fresh new facelift and became more user friendly. The company also went through a rebranding and moved fully to a new, better recruitment software in order to organize our daily work in a better way. We also launched an internal Magic Manual to ensure faster and more efficient on boarding of recruiters.


To grow and learn is the key for all employees at Magic Mondayz. Therefore, Sourcing Summit that the team attended in June in Tallinn was definitely one of the greatest experience this past year. SOSU is one of the biggest sourcing events in Europe with speakers from all around the globe. We learned things that we have never heard of before and worked together as a team to implement this knowledge into our daily work.

If you’re a recruiter reading this blog post, definitely go ahead and check out the dates of the next SOSU here.


Summer started rather quietly but we welcomed to the team our Swedish recruitment star Linnea who has been rocking the Multilingual Desk ever since.


As mentioned in the intro, the goal for this year was to automate our processes in a way that the whole team would be able to work remotely, if they wanted to. What better way to learn about the current trends in managing remote teams if not to hear about it directly from successful entrepreneurs who already operate fully remotely?

Emmi and Joanna travelled to Pärnu, Estonia for Future of Work Conference to get to know them and get some extra inspiration.


September was fun :) We attended iGaming Next conference in Malta and gathered the whole team in Malta for workshops and a summer boat party?. The big focus for the Workshops was the use of personalized communication, together with the whole team we talked about how we want to be perceived, what our style of communication is, and how do we make sure we keep that magic twist in everything we do.


October was dedicated to Social Media and Marketing. We brought in Emma A to work as a Social Media Manager and we started putting more efforts on social posts with revamped design of ads and videos and working with our blog to keep it fresh with new useful posts.

We also welcomed a new Talent Hunter, Lenka in the Multilingual Desk.


November is always all about Sigma and this year wasn’t an exception. Sigma is one of world’s biggest iGaming summits and at the same time great opportunity to catch up with our clients who’re based outside of Malta. We worked a lot during this period but also managed to have some fun along the way.


December was surprisingly busy this year but we definitely finished strong welcoming to the Team Elena – our new Talent Hunter in the Commercial Desk and reaching All-Time-High in revenue for a quarter.


Amping up the magic in 2020

As you can see 2019 was quite intense but also super fun. We feel like we accomplished most of our goals but there’s so much more to come in 2020. You can get a glimpse of our plans below.

For the team

  • We have 2 new Talent Hunters starting in Bulgaria and Barcelona in January. New markets – here we come ;)
  • We are planning to do more internal trainings and put more time into the development of the Talent Hunters to ensure highest possible quality.
  • We keep working on our remote team project – most likely by end of 2020 our team will be working fully remote with the HQ in Malta which means 2020 will be the time when we will be testing all tools we got to secure an efficient remote operation

For Job seekers

  • We will offer more locations / job opportunities for JOB SEEKERS in 2020 with adding more and more interesting locations for our candidates.
  • Our Remote Talent Hunters will be physically based in the locations all over the world, which will help in getting more insight on the market having local experts in countries and cities we recruit in.

For Clients

  • We are implementing internal processes that will allow a smooth and quick collaboration with all our Clients and an efficient Client onboarding.
  • Due to our new resources, we will have a greater talent pool of experts for CLIENTS in 2020.
  • We are constantly working on improving the recruitment process to ensure the best service.
  • Recruitment team will put even more focus on sourcing training, being up to speed on recruitment trends at all times and growing our reach to make sure we reach the best talent on the market.

We would like to take this opportunity and thank our amazing Recruiters, Candidates, Clients and also Magic Mondayz friends for the continues support. We were really overwhelmed with the positive feedback we got from so many of you in 2019. It really motivates us to work even harder in 2020 in order to keep up with your expectations.

Thanks again for an amazing year everyone! We can’t wait to start another magical year with you. Happy 2020!

Written By Cam@MagicMondayz

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