Why Recruitment Companies Are Always Getting a Bad Rep

by | Aug 7, 2020

Trust us when we say we are no strangers to the negative criticism recruiters and recruitment agencies face in today’s workplace. And to be completely honest, we don’t deny many of the frustrations. Instead, we seek to stay true to our vision of filling a gap in the market where successful recruitment meets long term relationships. 

Similar to a useful dating app, we want to do our job so well that our client effectively has no immediate for us anymore in filling a particular role. We aim to expand through reputation rather than correcting our own mistakes. The more effective we are at finding the right person for the job, the more trust we earn with our clients to think of us for their next hiring need. 

That being said, there are plenty of valid issues in regards to how recruitment agencies conduct themselves. We believe the real fault lies in the differentiation of shortsighted targets and long term commitments. So let’s dissect these two complex themes and put them in terms you as a potential employer might be interested in. 

Short-sighted Goals

Like most businesses, success is often measured in numbers. As companies grow more prominent, it becomes harder and harder to rely on more personal metrics. This works similarly to standardized testing – the more people who need to be comparatively measured, the more need for a standardized comparison method.

Recruitment agencies often fall into these comparative traps and put too much emphasis on short term targets. This crucial mistake often leads to some of the following problems:

  • Personal Touch Disappears

When you put trust in a recruiter, you lay your career or company in their hands. For companies or individuals that have worked for years to establish professional reputations, it takes a lot of earned trust to give someone else the steering wheel. 

It is absolutely essential that the recruitment team earns this trust and understands the client’s history and goals. 

When recruitment agencies do not take the time to clearly understand the needs of both the employee and the employer, they risk losing the trust of either (or both) parties. If a recruiter is too busy to ensure this trust is there, it may be necessary to take fewer clients. 

  • Money Means Success

When success becomes results-driven, it puts pressure on employees to meet specific targets to ensure that they keep their jobs. For recruitment agencies that put this undue stress on their recruiters, there should be no surprise when shortcuts are taken, and client trust is jeopardized. Finding the right job for an individual necessitates time, patience, and significant research. It is what differentiates successful recruitment agencies from temp agencies. 

Recruiters that work primarily on commission rely on closing deals. While commission-based tactics have their place and prove incredibly motivational to even the best recruiters in the world, there needs to be a balance between financial drive and true client satisfaction. Quality needs to be prioritized over quantity.  

  • Overconfidence Turns to Dishonesty

So, we have agencies that are either under extraordinary pressure to close more deals and are thus losing the personal trust of many of their clients. To attempt to salvage this trust, recruiters will stand behind confident statements and promise unrealistic outcomes. These bold promises can very quickly lead to blatant dishonesty, effectively eroding trust for good. 

Unfortunately, companies and recruiters that get themselves into a position of eroded trust are forced to pursue the “quantity over quality” model and proceed to fill positions quickly rather than intelligently. 

  • Communication Spirals Down the Drain

Communication goes hand in hand with trust and keeping your client informed is one of the most critical skills of being a good recruiter. What does excellent communication mean? 

First of all, it means keeping your client notified of all successful (and unsuccessful) application attempts. One of the biggest frustrations people have with recruiters is that they fail to follow up on unsuccessful applications, providing no feedback, and no opportunity to progress. 

Not only is it important to keep in touch with your clients regularly, but also to ensure your communication is genuine, focused, and sincere. That means sitting down to a meal and turning off your phone. That means not multitasking during your online interview sessions. These are simple ways in which trust is built. 

Long Term Commitment

Now that we have gone through some of the most common frustrations with below adequate recruiters and recruitment agencies, it’s time to highlight some of the things you should look for when seeking out recruiting assistance. 

Yes- we pride ourselves on being a company that firmly believes in all of these things, and we’re not afraid to admit it. 

See You in Ten Years Mentality

Like we mentioned previously, we want to be so good at our job that companies don’t need to rely on us for a second attempt at the same role. That doesn’t mean we won’t keep in touch- we want to be there when companies are ready to take the next step and secure their next “game-changer” employee. 

The important takeaway is this; good recruitment agencies should have the best interest of their clients at heart, at all times. The priority is finding the perfect job candidate and ensuring long term fulfillment. If we do that, well then maybe you’ll tell your friends how cool we are. 

  • Open and Honest Communication

Like any recruitment agency worth their salt, we are honest with our clients at all times. That means that if we don’t have a perfect fit for a new job, we won’t waste your time or instill a sense of false hope that will erode our professional trust. With your help, we conduct extensive personal and professional research to ensure we are looking in all the right places.

  • We Are Your Left Arm 

Alright, it’s a weird image. Regardless, we aim to be an extension of your hiring team and to work with companies to find candidates that check all the boxes. We go far beyond just job description- we blend work culture, work ethic, and technical skills to create the delicious cocktail that is career fulfillment. 

So don’t let poor tactics ruin the reputation of an industry that should be focused on being an effective digital matchmaker. Seek out a recruiting team that will put your company’s needs first, and settles for nothing less than complete professional trust.

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