Top 10 ways on how to write the Best CV

by | Aug 14, 2019

Studies have shown that on average recruiters spend just seven seconds looking at a CV before deciding whether a candidate is suitable or not. First impressions are therefore critical to success, so make sure to have a CV that stand out from the crowd!

CV, which is short for curriculum vitae is your tool to sell yourself to potential employers when applying for a job. Your CV should tell the potential employers about you, your professional history, your skills, abilities and achievements. Ultimately, it should highlight why you’re the best person for the job.

1. Start strong

Start with a summary of your skills and key accomplishments and earlier results. This will attract the recruiter and grab their attention from the outset. This is an important part of your CV and tells the recruiter exactly who you are, so you want to make the right impression.

2. Keep it simple

Your choice of font and layout are key to making sure a would-be employer carries on reading your CV. Simple formats work best.

3. Format and readability

If you’re unsure of how to format your CV, it’s worth downloading a few CV templates to familiarise yourself. After all, formatting and spacing your CV is equally as important as the content.

4. Customise your CV for the job you want

Respond directly to the job description and explain exactly why you are the candidate for the role. You can do this by relating your accomplishments to the elements of the job role.

5. Use Bullet Points

Break the usual paragraph into one-line bullet points describing a key selling point. Use a selling point that focuses on what the employer wants, what they value and what makes you qualified to help them.

6. Emphasise results

Instead of just listing your past responsibilities, stand out by emphasising your results by using quantifiable data to show your accomplishments.

7. Show your personality

Too often, resume summaries sound dry and predictable. Recruiters and managers have read it all before and are often tempted to skim quickly over the summary to get to the meat of the resume. That’s why it’s helpful to inject some personality into them.

8. Highlight changes and growth

In your CV you should focus on your personal development. Show how you have grown and changed in your roles, and the accomplishments you have achieved. This will show the recruiter that you have learnt a lot from your past positions, and that you are committed to learning and expanding your skill set.

9. Show industry insight

An awareness of the industry you are applying for will show the recruiter that you have the ability to stay on top of trends. You will be a lot more attractive to employers if you are able to demonstrate knowledge of the industry, so make sure you are up to date with any news and industry changes.

10. Use Quotes and Power words

Choose two or three powerful quotes that show employers how respected you are. These can come from LinkedIn, performance reviews, letters or any other source.

Using power words will emphasise your accomplishments and will give your CV additional impact. Include words such as adaptable, innovative, implemented and achieved for each of your roles, and follow up with impressive results or outcomes which demonstrate what you have delivered.


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Good luck and Happy writing!

Written By Cam@MagicMondayz

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