Senior ML Graph Engineer

Our client is seeking a Senior ML Graph Engineer with expertise to lead technology development on the frontier of code discovery and developer productivity. A successful applicant is one capable of building software using a variety of technologies. They are polyglots and can learn and adapt to solve the problem at hand. You will help our team design, test, and rapidly iterate on multiple products and services stemming from our core technology. You will develop prototypes, tools, and methods that inform decision-making for software developers (e.g. “Is this the right solution to my coding problem?” or “How do I implement this specific code in my application?” or “What code libraries are other developers using to solve my problem?”).

About Us

The team is building an intelligent code discovery platform that gives developers the best tools to discover code in any form and be more productive. They are transforming code search to improve the practice of modern programming—taking a graph-based approach using data from the entire open source ecosystem. They’re on a mission to build the world’s best code discovery engine. The business is funded by top investors in Silicon Valley, including the first investors of Google, Twitter, Zoom, LinkedIn, and Uber. Our team has backgrounds from NASA, LinkedIn, Facebook, Amazon, AWS, Cisco and MIT, Harvard, Stanford, and Berkeley. Our company is based in San Francisco, California, but the team is all remote and globally distributed.


We seek an ML Engineer with expertise to lead technology development on the frontier of code discovery and developer productivity. You will be responsible for setting up a robust & versatile knowledge graph, bringing together data from a variety of sources and leveraging AI to empower other software engineers to be more effective. Our team expands the state of the art in machine learning technology, which enables thoughtful, efficient, and intuitive ways to search, re-use, explore or process metadata around the code. You will use world-class engineering and machine learning techniques on real-world, internal, and external data to directly impact the evolution of software development. A successful applicant is an expert in machine learning, software engineering, and complex data analysis spanning natural language, code syntax, and networks.

Who Will Love This Job

You have built large scale machine learning models and systems. You are passionate about technology and can keep up with the latest developments. You have academic and/or proven experience in knowledge graphs, data management, and natural language processing. You are a skilled technical influencer and have a track record of successfully influencing product direction. You have a respectful, collaborative approach that earns the trust of your peers and stakeholders.


  • Backend, data fetching pipelines, tooling is built with Go

  • Frontend is built using TypeScript & Svelte

  • ML stack is built using Python & PyTorch

  • Cloud automation is built using Terraform

  • Data is primarily stored in PostgreSQL

  • Search engine is powered by OpenSearch

  • Services run on Google’s Cloud Platform


  • Design, develop and lead implementation of our knowledge graph

  • Build complete data processing systems that drive products, systems or applications 

  • Identify and model various types of data sources to improve & scale knowledge graph 

  • Design and implement algorithms to infer connections in the knowledge graph for validation

  • Oversee design, development and deployment of internal and external APIs

  • Apply the latest techniques & academic research to real world problems in a production environment

  • Review code, mentor other engineers and support the data science and engineering teams

  • Build and deploy robust machine learning / deep learning models that improve entity extraction, classification, resolution and disambiguation

  • Collaborate with technical and non-technical business partners to develop analytics and metrics that describe the performance of matching systems and the quality of our data. 

  • Determine the feasibility of projects through quick prototyping with respect to performance, quality, time and cost using Agile methodologies

  • Architect best-in-class infrastructure (platforms, tools, and approaches) to accelerate our research in the production phase and to unblock efficient deployment, optimization, and testing of ML models

Minimum Qualifications

  • 8+ years expertise as a backend/data engineer building graphs systems and graph databases

  • 5+ years expertise with machine learning and/or natural language processing

  • Degree in Computer Science, Machine Learning, Data Science or related field, with expertise in knowledge representation 

  • Expertise in two or more programming languages (e.g. Python and Go)

  • Expertise working with graph data models (RDF, Property), databases (Amazon Neptune, Neo4J, TigerGraph), or graph query languages (Gremlin, SPARQL, Cypher)

  • Expertise with at least two or more ML/DL framework (e.g. PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras) 

  • Expertise architecting data pipelines and acquiring data needed to build and evaluate models, using tools like Dataflow, Apache Beam, or Spark

Preferred Qualifications

  • PhD in computer science, artificial intelligence, machine learning or related technical field

  • Advanced working knowledge of information retrieval and search technologies and have set up and used open-source search systems to query and understand data

  • Expertise coding in Go

  • Expertise with Graph ML and graph learning problems, solutions & analytics (e.g. graph embedding and graph neural networks)

  • Experience with many of the following technologies:

  • Graph databases

  • Modern ML Models (e.g. BERT, Pytorch Geometric)

  • MLOps and Infrastructure

  • ElasticSearch, Solr and Lucene 

  • Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform

  • Machine learning infrastructure

  • CircleCI, GitHub Actions, Jenkins

What’s in the Offer

You have the opportunity to join an early stage startup and have significant ownership of technology development. You will work at the highest level and collaborate with world-class colleagues, advisors and technical experts. 

  • Competitive salary & equity packages

  • Unlimited vacation and sick leave

  • Strong remote work culture and esprit de corps

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